CRRC Electric Bus Running in Wellington Auckland, a Debut of CRRC Passenger Vehicle at "Pure New Zealand"

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By Zhang Lipeng in Beijing | CRRC | Updated: 02-Apr-2018

Now, New Zealand rings in the electric buses with "HSR gene"——the new energy deluxe coaches developed by Hunan CRRC Times Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd (CRRC Times) were formally launched a few days ago as the ferry buses commuting between the south and north campuses of Auckland University of Technology.

"Quietest, steadiest, and most energy-saving"

On the launch day, the president of Auckland University of Technology rode the bus all the way. "This is the quietest and steadiest bus that I have ever taken! You can feel the super power. Its overall performance is far beyond my expectation!" said the president with joy on the face.

This vehicle carries a high-speed PM motor, new-generation ATS, and EBS, and is a "treasure" cultivated by CRRC Times for ten years. In November 2017, this bus debuted on Avenue 29, Tauranga and won the first praise as "this may be the most energy-saving car worldwide" from customers at a good performance of 0.56kwh power consumption per km.

Sonya, Head of the Project Research Institute under Auckland University of Technology expressed her wish to have an in-depth cooperation with CRRC Times to study BEV impact on power grid, and collect such data as energy consumption, battery performance, charge rate, charge time, running time and trips, mileage, average speed, power consumption, power generation, and braking for future research.

It's said that the New Zealand Government had invested the Low Emission Vehicles Contestable Fund to promote innovation of low-emission energy-saving automobiles. This will foster the development of HSR-gene electric bus of CRRC Times in New Zealand.

On the Kilbirnie carnival, another electric bus from CRRC Times is provided for free experience.

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