Debut of Extended “Fuxing” EMU

FORM: 19/03/2018 Browse number:688

By Zhang Lipeng in Beijing | CRRC | Updated: 19-Mar-2018

Recently, China’s standard extended EMU (No.: CR400BF-A-3024) developed and produced by CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. was sent to China Academy of Railway Sciences for type test, which was the debut of the 16-car “Fuxing” EMU. The extended 16-car “Fuxing” EMU with a total length of more than 400m resembles a golden phoenix with a long “tail” and extraordinary momentum.

To meet the transport requirements of long distance and large capacity and to improve the serialized products of China’s standard EMU platform, CRRC Tangshan Co., Ltd. developed and produced the 16-car CR400BF-A “Fuxing” EMU (China’s standard EMU) based on the 8-car CR400BF “Fuxing” EMU with a speed of 350km/h under the organization of China Railway Corporation. The EMU with 8 motor cars and 8 trailers is equipped with compartments with 9 types of seats such as business seats, first-class seats and second-class seats, with a total capacity of 1193 persons.

The “Fuxing” EMU with a speed of 350km/h is endowed with distinct Chinese characteristics. In the process of development of China's standard EMUs, the technical standard system for China's EMUs featuring with complete systems, reasonable structures and advanced science has been established. The scientific and technical innovation intensity has been strengthened in respect of operation safety, energy conservation, environment protection, reducing the cost of whole life cycle and humanized design (especially, further improving the safety redundancy). Therefore, China's standard EMUs feature with such distinctive characteristics as innovation, safety, intelligence, humanity and economical efficiency.

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