CRRC debuted at Malaysian Premier League | Selangor Temporarily Tops the List

FORM: 12/02/2018 Browse number:751

By Zhang Lipeng in Beijing | CRRC | Updated: 12/02/2018

Recently, CRRC made its dazzling debut at Kuala Lumpur Sports Center. This is CRRC’s first appearance in foreign football matches.

At 21:00 on February 7 local time, the Kuala Lumpur Sports Center staged the new 2018 season of the Malaysian Premier League. With the goals of star players Safari and Segovia, Selangor, a team co-promoted by CRRC Zhuzhou and local businesses, beat Melaka by 4-1 and temporarily topped the list. Local major media broadcast it live.

Selangor has a long history and an outstanding reputation. It has won 32 Malaysian Cup titles and 5 Malaysian FA Cup titles. In view of its own good international reputation and prestige, Selangor decided to partner with CRRC Zhuzhou.

For the first time, CRRC Zhuzhou participated in international football events and linked the CRRC brand with the most popular soccer team in Malaysia's sports industry, and spread its corporate image to the general public in a remarkable way.

Since serving Malaysia in 2010, CRRC Zhuzhou has followed international rules and implemented “five localization strategies”: local manufacturing, local procurement, local labor, local service and local marketing. It has achieved the goal of penetrating into foreign cultures and is serving the local economy. While doing a good job in localized production and operation, it is acting as a “cultural messenger”, a talent “incubator”, an industry “propeller”, and a “good neighbor” in the community. CRRC will strive to develop itself into an international enterprise that wins the respect of the world.

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