Pioneering in High-Speed Train Technology, CRRC has Invested RMB 58.4 Billion in Since and Technology Over the Past Five Years

FORM: 19/01/2018 Browse number:601

By Zhang Lipeng in Beijing | CRRC | Updated: 19/01/2018

At the National Science and Technology Work Conference held on January 10, Sun Yongcai, general manager of CRRC Group Co., Ltd. and president of CRRC Corporation Limited shared with the attendees the innovation mode of CRRC.

As a global leader in rail transit equipment industry, CRRC undertakes major national R&D tasks, insists on harmonious integration of national strategies and enterprise development, and makes great efforts in implementing innovation-driven development to overcome bottlenecks in innovation faced by traditional manufacturing industry. Its "one body four wings" innovation mode has come into shape by taking the enterprise as the main body and the system, intelligence pooling, R&D and collaborative innovation platform as wings.

At present, CRRC owns 11 national R&D institutes, 20 national enterprise technology centers and 13 overseas R&D centers, covering the entire process from product development, simulation computation, experimental verification to achievement transformation. Since 2012, eight international standards drafted under the leadership of CRRC and 38 international standards drafted together with CRRC have been published. The number of overseas patents owned by CRRC is increasing by 70% per year. Moreover, CRRC has undertaken 30 national scientific research projects, and has been awarded with 10 national scientific and technological awards.

On September 5, 2016, CRRC obtained the approval for the construction of a national technological innovation center for high-speed trains together with the Qingdao Municipal People's Government. Currently, the construction of the center is proceeding as scheduled. Through the new type of innovation carrier, the center may integrate the functions of "intelligence pooling, collaboration, transfer, radiation, and cooperation" and become a state-of-art platform that is "rooted in China and oriented to the world".

Meanwhile, CRRC has successfully developed a full range of advanced rail transit equipment represented by "Fuxing" EMU, which can operate satisfactorily in high speed, bitter coldness, high temperature, high altitude, intense sandstorm and other complex environment. On September 21, 2017, the world's fastest bullet train "Fuxing" was put into commercial operation at a speed of 350 km/h on the railway line between Beijing and Shanghai.

Over the past five years, CRRC has invested RMB 58.4 billion in science and technology, accounting for 5.34% of its total investment.