Diesel locomotives shipped and exported to Saudi Arabia

FORM: 28/08/2015 Browse number:438

On July 20, 2015, CRRC Qishuyan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CRRC Qishuyan”) affiliated to the CRRC shipped eight diesel locomotives to Saudi Arabia, which were another batch of SDD17 locomotives upon the successful operation of the first two in Saudi Arabia.

For Saudi Arabia's harsh weather conditions like desert climate, high temperatures, and sand storm, the Company provided the user with a satisfying locomotive technology and use program based on full investigation, exchange and careful design, which was recognized by the user. The operation of the first two locomotives was appreciated by the user: “Mia Mia (great).”

In the production process, CRRC Qishuyan promoted the project execution by the project management model and carried out fruitful work in terms of design improvement, production organization, quality control, and project promotion. The Company summarized the experience in the successful trial production of the first two locomotives, synthesized the design, technology, and field work, and applied good methods and philosophies to the design. In addition, it actively communicated with the user, gave full consideration to the user's suggestions and habits, and made improvement as much as possible. With regard to quality control and progress of project, the Company conducted self-control, supervision and confirmation to manage the project.