Arrival of DMUs exported to Argentina in Buenos Aires

FORM: 28/08/2015 Browse number:883

On July 7, 2015, the Argentine Ministry of the Interior and Transport and National Railway Bureau held a ceremony in the port of Buenos Aires to extend a warm welcome of the arrival of the first three DMUs from CRRC Tangshan Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd. Argentine Minister of the Interior and Transport Randazzo, CRRC Vice President Zhao Guangxing, and CRRC Tangshan Chairman Hou Zhigang, and more than 20 media reporters present witnessed this moment. The DMUs will be used for the operation of Belgrano southern line and are of great significance to enhancing the transportation equipment of Argentine railways, improving the traffic condition and travel environment of local people, and promoting the Sino-Argentina friendship.

A total of 27 trains (81 carriages) of meter gauge DMUs will be exported to Argentina. This is China's first export of DMUs to Argentina, as well as the largest order for DMUs from the South American market. The DMUs adopt the power distributed mode, axle suspension bearing meter gauge motor bogie, and other advanced technologies. Three cars (two motor cars and one trailer) are in one group. The maximum operating speed is 100 km/h, the fastest compared to other similar products in the world. In addition, the ETCS Level 1 automatic control system adopted, the new overall layout, the new structure of bogie’s draft, bolster, and buffer assembly, and many other technical solutions are among the most advanced in the world.

The meter gauge DMUs exported to Argentina has widely opened doors as wide as 1.6 meters, making it convenient for passengers to get on or get off. The LED green lighting equipment inside can automatically change the illumination and have the features of simplicity, comfort, energy saving and environmental protection. Based on the Argentine climate, process of maritime transport and local operating conditions, the ultraviolet-proof level of paints, rubber parts and others of the EMUs is particularly improved. All parts of a vehicle are subject to anti-corrosion treatment. Wheelchairs area and bike storage area are provided, meeting the humane, accessible and diversified travel needs of local passengers.

The DMUs exported to Argentina were sent to Buenos Aires in four batches. The last batch started running in August 2015.