DF10F Diesel Electric Locomotive

From: 2016-05-04
Product Name: DF10F Diesel Electric Locomotive 
Product Description:

DF10F passenger diesel locomotive is a type of DF10 series locomotives. The locomotive is used on the main lines which are busy in transporting services as a traction power of passenger train with running speed 140-160 km/h. The locomotive consists of double unit locomotives which are completely the same in structure. Each unit locomotive is equipped with a 12V240ZJD medium speed diesel engines as a power source. The locomotive has featured with great traction effort, good starting acceleration performance, smooth and steady running, low-cost in service and flexible operation. The two unit locomotive can be multiply or separately operated according to different rail lines and needs. Its  Max. service power for locomotive is 2×2200kW, Max. speed 160km/h, the length of the locomotive 2×18200mm, axle arrangement double Co-Co and AC-DC electric transmission.

Performance Parameters: Application    passenger service on main lines
Track gauge   1435mm 
Vehicle gauge   GB146.1-83(vehicle limit-1A, 1B)
Transmission    AC-DC electric transmission
Axle arrangement   Co-Co
Wheel diameter    1050mm
Axle load       20±3%t 
Total weight       2×120±3%t 
Max. speed      160km/h  
Continuous speed   28.2km/h
Starting traction force   605kN
Continuous traction force   430kN
Diesel engine    12V240ZJD
Max. service power for locomotive  2×2200kW
Main alternator    TQFR-3000B 
Silicon rectifier     GTF-4720/1250 
Traction motor     ZD109B
Coupler type    13#, upper operation
Bogie wheel base   1800×2mm
Overall dimension (L×W×H)   2(18200×3308×4735mm)

Characteristic Curve: