DF10DD Shunting Diesel Locomotive

From: 2016-05-04
Product Name: DF10DD Shunting Diesel Locomotive 
Product Description:

DF10D locomotive is a new shunting diesel locomotive developed by CNR Dalian Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. in order to adapt the requirement of railway locomotive market. The locomotive is of outside corridor and load bearing car body. A 12V240ZJD diesel engine and a TQFR-3000E main alternator are served as its power equipment. The locomotive is suitable for shunting operation and minor transport in both large scale marshalling yards and mine industries. The locomotive has a good performance in starting, accelerating and anti-slipping. Its main components can be interchanged with that of DF4 locomotive result in convenient maintenance.

Performance Parameters: Application         Heavy load shunting and transfer operation
Track gauge                                     1435 mm
Clearance                 GB146.1 – 83 (vehicle limit 1A,1B)
Transmission system        AC-DC electric transmission
Axle arrangement                                Co – Co
Wheel diameter                                  1050 mm
Axle load                                        23±3 % t
Service weight                                   138±3 % t
Min. negotiable curve radius               100 m
Max. service speed                           100km / h
Continuous speed                               17 . 8 km / h
Starting traction effort                           480 . 9 kN
Continuous traction effort                        341 . 7kN
Locomotive nominal power                      1880 kW
Diesel engine model                          12V240ZJD
Max. service power                      2200 kW
Traction alternator model                 TQFR – 3000E
Silicon rectifier model               GTF5100 / 1250-A
Traction motor model         ZD109Z(or ZD109B1)
Type of coupler                   No.13 top operated coupler
距Bogie wheel base                            2×1800 mm
Dimensions                    18800×3305×4748 mm
(length × width × height)

Characteristic Curve: