DF6 Diesel Electric Locomotive

From: 2016-05-04
Product Name: DF6 Diesel Electric Locomotive 
Product Description:

DF6 is the code number of the DF6 diesel electric locomotive which is a new generation high power and good performance product developed by CNR Dalian Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. The 16V240ZJD diesel engine, power unit of locomotive, has been improved on the basis of cooperation with Ricardo Consulting Engineers Ltd. UK, while its transmission device has been improved by cooperation with General Electric Co. USA. Many advanced technologies such as micro-processor control are applied to the locomotive. Its nominal power is 2425kW, Max. speed 118km/h, the length of the locomotive 21100mm, axle arrangement Co-Co and AC-DC electric transmission.

Performance Parameters: Application       freight transport on main lines
Track gauge      1435mm
Vehicle gauge     GB146.1-83(vehicle limit-1A, 1B)
Transmission       AC-DC electric transmission
Axle arrangement   Co-Co
Wheel diameter    1050mm
Axle load         23±3%t
Total weight        138±3%t 
Min. negotiable curve radius   145m
Max. speed          118km/h
Continuous speed   22.2km/h
Starting traction force    435kN
Continuous traction force    360kN
Diesel engine       16V240ZJB
Max. service power for locomotive   2940kW
Main alternator      JF202
Silicon rectifier        GTF7080/1250
Traction motor        ZD108 
Type of coupler    13#, upper operation
Bogie wheel base   1800×2mm
Overall dimension (L×W×H)    21100×3308×4755mm
traction load     grade
R1: freight 3000t    9
R2:  freight 3000t    6
R3:  freight 3000t    3
R4:  freight 3000t    flat road

Characteristic Curve: