DF5D Shunting Diesel Locomotive

From: 2016-05-04
Product Name: DF5D Shunting Diesel Locomotive 
Product Description:

DF5D diesel electric shunting locomotive is suitable for shunting operation in both marshalling yards and section stations. It can also be used as traction means for minor transport and mine operation. This locomotive is equipped with 8240ZJ diesel engine, three-phase AC-DC transmission, narrow hood structure car body, and two units of three-axle bogies with the traction motor arranged in the same direction, two stage suspensions, roller bearing axle boxes, no centre plate and no pedestal, four-rod mechanism draw gear, single side shoe braking. In order to enable the locomotive to operate in cold area, there is preheating system to warm water, lubricating oil and fuel. The locomotive has good traction performance and its reliable in service.

Performance Parameters: Track gauge           1435mm
Vehicle gauge         GB146.1-83(vehicle limit-1A, 1B)
Wheel diameter        1050mm
Axle load              23±3%t
Min. negotiable curve radius   100m
Max. speed            80Km/h
Continuous speed      10.8km/h
Starting traction force   469.8kN
Continuous traction force  342.6kN
Diesel engine          8240ZJ
Max. service power for locomotive    1470kW
Main alternator         TQFR-3000Z
Overall dimension (L×W×H)       18800x3200x4713mm
Bogie wheel base      1800x2mm

Characteristic Curve:

Developing Institute: 中国北车集团大连机车车辆有限公司