DF5B Diesel Electric Locomotive

From: 2016-05-04
Product Name: DF5B Diesel Electric Locomotive 
Product Description:

DF5B locomotive is a diesel electric locomotive designed and manufactured by Dalian Locomotive & Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. On the basis of the original DF5 locomotive. Instead of an 8240ZJ diesel engine, the locomotive is equipped with a 12V240ZJF diesel engine as the power unit whose Max. service power is 1840kW. The locomotive, which is suitable for operating in shunting service and in factory and mine, adopts AC-DC electric transmission and narrow hood type super-structure.

Performance Parameters: Track gauge         1435mm
Transmission        AC-DC
Max. speed          100Km/h
Starting traction force  422kN
continuous traction force  317kN
Nominal power of locomotive   1500kW
Max. service power for locomotive   1840kW
Diesel engine        12V240ZJF
Main alternator       TQFR-3000
Traction motor       ZQDR-410
Bogie wheel base     1800x2mm
Characteristic Curve: