DF4B Diesel Electric Locomotive

From: 2016-05-04
Product Name: DF4B Diesel Electric Locomotive 
Product Description:

DF4B diesel electric locomotive is equipped with three phase AC-DC transmission and is used for passenger and freight traction on main lines. There are two driver’s cabs, one on each end. Either can be used for controlling the locomotive. The traction motors are nose suspended.JZ-7 air brake is used for air braking system which can be brake locomotive and train simultaneously. This locomotive is equipped with rheostatic braking system.

Performance Parameters: Application                      Freight transport on main lines
Track gauge                                       1435 mm
Clearance                GB146.1 – 83 (vehicle limit 1A,1B)
Transmission system             AC-DC electric transmission
Axle arrangement                                 Co – Co
Wheel diameter                                  1050 mm
Axle load                                      23±3 % t
Service weight                                138±3 % t
Min. negotiable curve radius                     145m
Max. service speed                            100km / h
Continuous speed                                21.5km / h
Starting tractive effort                             435 kN
Continuous tractive effort                           324 kN
Diesel engine model                            16V240ZJB
Max. service power                            2430kW
Fuel consumption                      210 + 3% g / kW. h
Main alternator model                       TQFR – 3000
Silicon rectifier model                    GTF 4800/770
Traction motor model                       ZQDR – 410
Type of coupler        Improved No. 3 bottom operated coupler or TB1595-85, bottom operated
Bogie wheel base                             2×1800 mm
Locomotive total wheel base                     15600 mm
Overall dimension                 21100×3309×4755 mm(length×width×height)

Characteristic Curve:

Developing Institute: 中国北车集团大连机车车辆有限公司