GKD1 Diesel Electric Locomotive

From: 2016-05-04
Product Name: GKD1 Diesel Electric Locomotive 
Product Description:

GKD1 diesel electric locomotive is a small type swither specially manufactured and used on railway station and depot, factory district, mining area, harbor and oil field. It is noted for its excellent performance, advanced technology and reliable operation.
The distinguished features of this type of locomotive are as follows: the GKD1 diesel electric shunting locomotive ranks among the basic series products of DF4 series locomotives, therefore both maintenance and spare parts are easily available. 6240ZJ, a medium speed diesel engine is used as the power unit for this locomotive. It is of high reliability and good economy. AC-DC transmission ensures an efficient transmission, excellent starting and accelerating performance, quick reverse gearing and agile operation. Two-axle bogies allow the GKD1 locomotive to easily negotiate a curve of 70m radius and accordingly to be suitable for rail tracks with many such sharp curves. The car body structure, transmission system, braking system of this locomotive are adopted well-proven technologies, main components have good interchangeability.

Performance Parameters: Application                              Shunting and transfer
Track gauge                                       1435mm
Clearance                   GB146.1—83 (vehicle limit 1A,1B)
Transmission system               AC-DC electric transmission
Axle arrangement                                    Bo—Bo
Wheel diameter                                     1050 mm
Axle load                                           21±3 % t
Service weight                                      84±3 % t
Min. negotiable curve radius                      70m
Max. service speed                              80km / h
Continuous speed                                  12.4km / h
Starting tractive effort                                 300kN
Continuous tractive effort                             210kN
Diesel engine model                                6420 ZJ
Max. service power                              990kW
Fuel consumption                           214+3 % g/kW.h
Main alternator model                        TQFR—1000
Silicon rectifier model                   GTF—1600 / 960
Traction motor model                        ZQDR—410
Type of coupler                     No. 13 top operated coupler
Bogie wheel base                                 2800 mm
Locomotive total wheel base                      10800 mm
Overall dimension                  15200×3268×4275 mm

Characteristic Curve: