GKD0 Shunting Diesel Locomotive

From: 2016-05-04
Product Name: GKD0 Shunting Diesel Locomotive 
Product Description:

GKD0 shunting diesel locomotive is a new type of outside corridor shunting locomotive derived from GKD1 diesel locomotive. This locomotive has good availability, economy, reliability and interchangeability. It is suitable for shunting operation in each marshalling yard, passenger car depots, industrial and mining enterprises, harbors and docks, etc..
Because the locomotive is in the range of diesel locomotive series products developed by our company, multiple ways about locomotive inspection & repair and spare parts supply can be fulfilled sufficiently. 4240ZJ medium speed diesel engine is served as the power unit for this locomotive which has high reliability and good economy. AC-DC transmission ensures an efficient transmission, excellent starting acceleration performance, quick reverse and agile operation. Two-axle bogie allows the locomotive to easily negotiate a sharp curve of 70m radius and it is more suitable for rail tracks with many such sharp curves. Its car body steel structure, transmission system and braking system are similar with GKD1 shunting diesel locomotive.
The features of the GKD0 shunting locomotive are as follows:
1 Simple structure and high reliability
The locomotive has a simple structure and can be controlled easily by drivers and repair crews. It has a higher reliability because it owns the Company’s well-proven technologies for years. In addition, the Company also provides qualified after-sales service for clients to worry about lifting.
2 Flexible application and effective dynamics
The locomotive can be not only used for shunting operation in passenger and freight marshalling yards but also as traction means for minor transport. In both two working conditions it has excellent operation performance.
3 Good economy
The power unit of the locomotive is 4240 diesel engine which is a well proven cooperation product with Ricardo UK and its specific fuel consumption has been reached the leading domestic level so that the customers can obtain a long term benefit.
4 Good interchangeability and easy maintenance
When designing this locomotive, well-proven technologies should be adopted as far as possible. In particular, some large components of the locomotive can be interchanged with those of DF4 series locomotives so as to offer great convenience to users. Thus the drivers and repair crews are able to handle it easily and the management costs are reduced either.

Performance Parameters: Application                       Shunting and transfer operation
Track gauge                                          1435mm
Vehicle gauge                  GB146.1—83 (vehicle limit-1A,1B)
Transmission system                 AC-DC electric transmission
Axle arrangement                                      1A - A1
Axle load                                            23±3 % t
Service weight                                       92±3 % t
Min. negotiable curve radius                      100m
Max. service speed                               80km / h
Continuous speed                                   17.7km / h
Diesel engine model                                 4240 ZJ
Max. service power                               735kW
Fuel consumption                            214+3 % g/kW.h
Main alternator model                          TQFR—735
Silicon rectifier model                    GTF—1600 / 960
Traction motor model                      ZQDR—410ZG
Type of coupler                      No. 13 top operated coupler
Bogie wheel base                                   2800 mm
Characteristic Curve: