GK1L Hydrodynamic Reversing Shunting Locomotive

From: 2016-05-04
Product Name: GK1L Hydrodynamic Reversing Shunting Locomotive 
Product Description:

GK1L hydrodynamic reversing shunting locomotive can be widely used in railway, metallurgy, petrochemical, harbor and mining enterprises etc. for shunting and transfer operation. The car body of the locomotive is a structure with outside corridor. The superstructure is divided into cooling room, power room, driver’s cab and auxiliary room successively. The fuel tank is placed on the under-frame. The bogie connects with the car body through the four point side bearing. The traction effort is transferred to the car body through the center pin. The 6240ZJ diesel engine is served as the power equipment. According to requirements of our users, the locomotive can be equipped with other types of engines (same power level) either. The DH208 hydrodynamic reversing transmission box, acted as the hydrodynamic transmission equipment, can perform hydrodynamic braking on long heavy grades by electronic controlled change-over and hydrodynamic reversing to realize the locomotive uniform gliding. The 25t axle load is helpful to enhance the locomotive adhesion, thus the locomotive has a good starting traction property.

Performance Parameters: Locomotive model                               GK1L(“Dalian”)
Application                     Shunting and transfer operation
Track gauge                                      1435mm
Clearance                  GB146.1—83 (Vehicle limit 1A、1B)
Transmission system              Hydrodynamic transmission                               
Axle arrangement                                     B - B
Wheel diameter                                    1050 mm
Axle load                                          25±3 %t
Service weight                                    100±3 %t
Min. negotiable curve radius                   60 m
Max. service speed         Shunting condition   37. 8 km/h
Transfer condition   79. 2 km/h
Continuous speed              Shunting condition   8. 5 km/h
Transfer condition  17. 0 km/h
Starting traction effort             Shunting condition  323 kN
Transfer condition   201kN
Continuous traction effort      Shunting condition   303 kN
Transfer condition   151 kN
Diesel engine model                              6240ZJ
Engine service power                    1100 kW
Type of coupler                 No. 13 top operation coupler
Overall dimension            15900×3200×4650 mm

Characteristic Curve:

Developing Institute: 中国北车集团大连机车车辆有限公司 中国北车集团大同电力机车有限责任公司