Xi’an Metro Line 1 Vehicle

From: 2016-05-04


Product Name: Xi’an Metro Line 1 Vehicle 
Product Description:


The vehicle is power-supplied by DC 1500V overhead contact system. It composes of 3 motor cars and 3 trailers. It is a standard B2 type vehicle with maximum speed of 80km/h. Its carbody steel structure is of light weight fabricated and integrated bearing structure made of stainless steel. Its cab is of a small streamlined one piece fiber glass which is simple and beautiful, clean and clear and integrated the Xi’ an ancient city culture and modern design concepts together. Its AC transmission system with asynchronous traction motors is controlled by VVVF converter. The VVVF converter tank consists of converter module and chopper module, which can realize the functions of traction, regeneration braking and dynamic braking. The traction converters and brake choppers adopt great power electronics of IGBT or IPM and PWM control manner. The whole vehicle adopts module design. It is provided overhead such system as air conditioner unit, electrical inner hidedoors, cab escape door. It has the functions like automatic drive, automatic returm, etc. Its air brake system adopts microprocessor controlled and digital electro-pneumatic brake system. Its bogie brake rigging adopts brake tread units.

Performance Parameters:

Train configuration                                                     3 motor cars and 3 trailers
Carbody material:                                                      stainless steel
Length over ends of carbody:                                     19000mm
Width over sides of carbody (the max):                       2800mm
Height from the car top to the rail top:                         3800mm
Distance from centerline of the coupler to rail top:       660+10mm
Height from car floor surface to rail top:                       1100mm
Length between bogie pivot centers:                            12600mm
Wheel diameter:                                                           840mm
Track gauge:                                                                1435mm
Axle load:                                                                     no more than 14t
Rated load:                                                                   254 people in motor cars (with 35 seats)
                                                                                     254 people in trailers (with 29 seats)
                                                                                       226 people in cab’s trailer (with 29 seats)
Voltage:                                                                       DC1500V
Voltage range:                                                                 DC1000V~1800V
Traction motor power:                                                 190kW
Type of power supply:                                                    overhead contact system
Max. Service speed:                                                         80km/h

Characteristic Curve:
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