Vehicle of Tianjin Metro Line 2

From: 2016-05-04
Product Name: Vehicle of Tianjin Metro Line 2 
Product Description:

The train receives DC750V power through the third rail. Its formation mode consists of 3 railcars plus 3 tailors. It is of B1 standard type and its service speed is up to 80km/h. The outline of the vehicle is beautiful. The vehicle body material is made of light weight stainless steel, coating on surface. H type steel sheet welding frame, secondary suspension and bolsterless bogies are adopted in the vehicle; traction system consists of VVVF inverter, PC controlled devices and 3-phase AC asynchronous traction motor to carry out traction, regeneration brake and resistance brake; the power elements of VVVF inverter are IGBTs as a high power electric and electronic part. PC controlled digital electric-air brake units are adopted as the air brake system of the train; static inverters are used for the auxiliary power supply system; TCMS network control is applied to the train monitoring system, and vehicles have functions of automatic driving, automatic protection and automatic return, etc.. There are four pairs of electric sliding plug doors on each side and two up mounted single cooling air conditioners.

Performance Parameters: Formation mode                      3M3T
Material of vehicle body            stainless steel
Length of vehicle body              19000mm
Width of vehicle body               2800mm
Roof height from the rail top       3800mm
Coupler height                      660+10mm
Floor height                        1100mm
Length between bogie centers        12600mm
Wheel diameter                      840mm
Track gauge                         1435mm
Axle load                           no more than 14t
Rated load                          245 in motor car and trailer (46 seats)
                                    230 in trailer of driver’s cab (36 seats)
Line voltage                        DC750V
Voltage range                       DC500V~900V
Power of traction motor             180kW
Power supply                        energized from the third rail
Max. service speed                  80km/h