Dalian Urban Transit LRVs on Line 3

From: 2016-05-04


Product Name: Dalian Urban Transit LRVs on Line 3 
Product Description:

The LRVs are of urban transit LRVs with independent IPR developed by our Company. The formation of the train is 2M2T, the Max. service speed is 100km/h. The carbody is made of high strength weathering steel; the train have been equipped with many advanced systems such AC transmission system controlled by VVVF inverter (IGBT), auxiliary supply system, electro-pneumatic braking system controlled by computers and train monitoring system which can monitor the operation status for above systems all the time, diagnose and record the real time failure data, ATC

Performance Parameters: Formation:2M2T
Length of carbody:19000mm
Width of carbody:2800mm
Height between roof and rail:3800mm
Length between two couplers:4 units   4×19520mm
Coupler height:660+10mm
Floor height:1100mm
Length between truck centers:12600mm
Wheel diameter:840mm
Track gauge:1435mm
Axle load:no more than 14t (overcrowding condition)
Line voltage:DC1500V
Voltage range:DC1000V--1800V
Power supply:overhead contact line
Max. service speed:100km/h