1M1T Stainless Steel Urban Transit

From: 2016-05-04
Product Name: 1M1T Stainless Steel Urban Transit LRVs 
Product Description:


Performance Parameters: Train formation
The train is of light stainless steel carbody. During the operation the formation of the train is 1M1T
2 units/train:+Tc-Mc+
4 units/2trains in multiple:+Tc-Mc+Tc-Mc+
Tc:  31t;Mc: 35t
Seating capacity (seat)/person
Size of carbody/mm
Length carbody:19520
Width carbody:2800
Height of carbody:3800
Floor height:1100
Height of platform 1050mm
Coupler height:660+10
Automatic coupler
Inside height of passenger compartment:≥2100
Length between truck centers:12600
Non-bolster air spring bogie
Service speed:120km/h
Track gauge:1435
Wheel base of car:2200mm
Distance between backs of wheel rims:1353±2mm
Axle load:≤14t
Main equipment
Pneumatic pantograph
Through overhead contact line
Traction motor:AC motor 200KW
Main circuit control:VVVF
Auxiliary power supply:Static inverter
On-board equipment:ATP, wireless vehicle communication
Door system
Electric controlled plug door in passenger compartment, manual controlled plug door in driver’s cab
Screw driven
Air conditioning system
Super thin intensive dispersed (2 units/vehicle)
Control mode
VVVF (with regenerative energy absorption and power plant energy absorption  )
Use IGBT elements, voltage vector control
VVVF inverter to supply the traction motor ( bogie controlled)
Brake mode
Electric and air brake interact which would provide functions such as emergency brake and rapid brake
Adopt disc braking method
Average acceleration
When the train accelerated from 0 to 40km/h
When the train accelerated from 0 to 120km/h
Average retardation
Max. service brake≥1.0m/ s2
Emergency brake≥1.2m/ s2
Rapid brake action≥1.2m/ s2
Production time:In 2008
Production numbers:8
Characteristic Curve: