2M2T CS Urban Transit LRVs

From: 2016-05-04


Product Name: 2M2T CS Urban Transit LRVs 
Product Description:

Performance Parameters:

Train formation
CS car body
Tc:  32t;Mp: 36t
Seating capacity (seat)/person
Size of carbody/mm
Car length:Tc 19520;Mp 19000 
Car width:2800 
Car height:3800 
Floor height:1100
Height of platform 1050mm
Coupler height:660+10
Semi-auto coupler
Inside height of passenger compartment:≥2100 
Length between truck centers:12600 
Non-bolster air spring bogie
Service speed:100km/h
Track gauge:1435
Wheel base of car:2500mm
Distance between backs of wheel rims:1353±2mm
Axle load:≤14t

Main equipment
Pantograph:Pneumatic pantograph
Through overhead contact line
Traction motor:AC motor 180KW
Main circuit control:VVVF
Auxiliary power supply:Static inverter
On-board equipment:ATP, wireless vehicle communication
Door System
Electric controlled plug door in passenger compartment, manual controlled plug door in driver’s cab
Screw driven
Air conditioning System
Super thin intensive dispersed (2 units/vehicle) 35000kcal/h
Control mode
VVVF (with regenerative energy absorption and power plant energy absorption  )
Use IGBT elements, voltage vector control
VVVF inverter to supply the traction motor (bogie controlled)
Brake mode
Electric braking and air braking interact
Average acceleration
When the train accelerated from 0 to 40km/h
When the train accelerated from 0 to 100km/h
Average retardation
Max. service brake≥1.0m/ s2
emergency brake≥1.2m/ s2
Production time
in 2002
Vehicle production numbers

Characteristic Curve: