FG AC Drive LRV for Dalian

From: 2016-05-04
Product Name: FG AC Drive LRV for Dalian 
Product Description:

1.1 Design target
The design life of vehicles is 30 years and their technical level beyond the same domestic products. The first-class internal deign make people feel at home, conveniently and comfortable. The train-set have advantage of smooth running, longer lifetime and less maintenance.
1.2 Nature environment and vehicle running conditions
Altitude: not beyond 1200m
Environment temperature: -25℃~+40℃
Relative humidity: Max. mean relative humidity in the wettest month. Mean temperature in this month is no higher than 25℃. Mean annual temperature 10.2℃
Precipitation: Max. daily precipitation 198.5mm
Wind direction and velocity: the wind direction towards N, SE and S, the Max. wind power 32.4m/s.
Service environment: the trains run on ground, overhead lines and coastland should be able to withstand the invasion of wind, sand, rain and snow. Ground depots should be the parking and maintaining area for trains.


Performance Parameters:

Axle load:no more than 14t (in overcrowding state)
Max. service speed:100km/h 
Price: length of carbody:19000 mm
Width of the carbody:2800 mm
Height between roof and rail:3800 mm
Coupler height:660+10 m
Floor height:1100 mm
Length between truck centers:12600 mm
Track gauge:1435 mm
Wheel diameter:840 mm
supply condition 
Line voltage:DC1500V
Voltage range:DC1000V--1800V
supply mode:DC1500V overhead contact line
Vehicle passenger capacity
Rated containing members:(standing 6/m2) 217 in motor car 
(48 seats),183 in trailer (40 seats)
Overcrowding::(standing 9/m2) 302 in motor car 
(48 seats),254 in trailer (40 seats)

Characteristic Curve: