CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. is the cradle of China Metro Transit and EMU. The former Changchun Passenger Car Factory, founded in 1954, is one of the key construction projects of the First Five-Year Plan. It was restructured into a joint stock corporation in March 2002.

The company’s main businesses include the entire life-cycle services of rail transit passenger transport equipment, including R&D and testing, new construction, overhaul and operation and maintenance.

The company has established the “Five in One” technical innovation platform consisting of National Engineering Technology and Research Center for System Integration of Railway Vehicle, National Engineering Laboratory for System Integration of High-speed Train, National-Level Enterprise Technical Center, Post-doctoral Research Station and National Craft Master Team. The company has been awarded the first batch of “National Innovative Enterprise”, “National High-tech Enterprise”, “National Technology Boosting Trade Base” and “National Demonstration Enterprise of Technical Innovation”, and its products have won the title of “National Famous and Prominent Product”.

The company has built EMU product platforms for various speed levels, and successively developed CRH5A EMU, CRH380BL high-speed EMU, CRH380CL high-speed EMU, CRH380BG Low Temperature EMU, new energy intercity EMU, “FUXING” Chinese standard EMU with the speed of 350 km/h and 250 km/h, “FUXING” Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed Intelligent EMU and other products. Also, in terms of urban mass transit vehicle research and development, the company has built a full range of product platforms for Type A,B,C and L vehicles with different materials and different track operation modes, which is represented by the new generation metro and new generation medium and low speed maglev trains to maintain the leading advantage in the research and development field.

Up to now,the company’s products have been exported to more than 20 countries and regions, including the United States, Australia, Israel, Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, Argentina, and Ethiopia.